welcome to our store

We have been in the canned food industry since 1916 as producers of canned traditional Sicilian foods. We are proud to saythat, all through these years, thanks to our previous experience in the field of agricultural chemistry, our brand has become famous primarily for the genuineness, freshness and flavour of our products – the same qualities which earned Knight Antonino Contorno, a cuirassier in the army of HIS MAJESTY VICTOR EMMANUEL III, the official praise of the HOUSE OF SAVOY.
Today, in accordance with the best tradition of our generous SICILY, our efforts are still directed towards two main objectives which are really one: product quality and respect for consumer needs.
The Contorno factory, situated in the old industrial area in the heart of Palermo, extends over an area of more than 8,500 square metres, of which 12,000 square metres are covered.The new large and innovative facilities and the older ones dating from the end of the 19th century are harmoniously combined to create a unique architectural effect without reducing the productivity and efficiency of the factory.We give special attention to raw material selection and processing, using technologically advanced stainless steel equipment in accordance with existing regulations.Moreover, our chefs will continue to play a fundamental role in the production process, always ensuring compliance with sanitary standardsand contributing to the value and uniqueness of our products.
Our effective approach to food safety control is also confirmed by the fact that we have obtained UNI EN ISO 9002 certification for complying with sanitary standards in accordance with the HACCP method.